Salvation – Perfect theme for a church, NGO or Community center for $9

salvation theme

Looking for perfect theme for churches, NGOs, non-profits or community centers for just $9? Salvation is a clean, elegantly designed WordPress theme that is perfectly suited for various organizations, such as churches, religious groups, and charitable organizations. Featuring an event management system, a donation form, and custom widgets, your users will love the design and features. Salvation theme from MyThemeShop ...

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Guest Blogging Your Way to Success!

Guest Blogging

Most bloggers wonder how guest posting could increase their online traffic. They would prefer writing more on their blogs and utilizing their social media clouts to boost their online traffic instead of writing for other bloggers. The truth however is that guest posting opens up your online influence. It exposes you to a larger audience. How does this happen? Guest ...

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Speed Up Your Site To Convert Your Visitors Into Readers


Do you own a website with a theme that attracts eye balls? You might be facing an issue which is high page load time. The better theme you introduce on your blog/website the more scripts and images it may contain. To make your blog/website load faster, you can use simple themes, but what if you aim to attract eye balls? ...

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Facebook: The Money Game


  Facebook! Facebook! Facebook!!! Who is not familiar with this enormous river? Every individual from every part of world has fever to use it. Now for most of the people it’s a part of daily life. Teenagers are freaks of Social Games on Facebook. Some people indulge in a relationship with Facebook. It is a job portal for many people ...

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Some Brilliant Tips to Choose the Best SEO Company

best seo company

There could be several reasons why companies wish to launch their websites. However, one overriding reason is the fact that they wish to make people aware of their presence and promote their products or services. Unfortunately, simply by launching a website, it is not possible to guarantee profitability of the company. One must realize that cut-throat competition prevails in the ...

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FeedBurner and Its Ordinary Benefits

Google feedburner

FeedBurner is a web based feed service. FeedBurner was introduced in 2004 by four people and was later acquired by Google and was named Google FeedBurner. There are multiple benefits of FeedBurner, We will focus on some ordinary benefits of FeedBurner in this article. Benefits of FeedBurner: Smart Feed: Smart Feed lets you target the highest possible amount of audience ...

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Factors That Can Affect Your SEO And Their Fixes


Unrealistic Goals Sky-high goals will most certainly set up your SEO campaign for failure. Do not attempt to set unreachable goals for yourself, such as dominating search engines such as Google and Bing the minute you start your campaign. If you attempt to be ranked among the top ten hits for every product and service that you offer, it could ...

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SEO Services: Future scope & skills required


Working for SEO is a profession not intentionally opted by many. They either stumble across it accidently or join this field out of sheer curiosity. Many individuals start their career with absolutely no knowledge of SEO. Google and Yahoo are taken for granted as simple tools used for finding information. It is now time to understand how and what goes ...

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How to Improve Your Social Media Marketing Results


Like all online advertising, social media advertising can be expensive and come with varying results. However, there have been ads online that manage to capture attention, entice clicks and bring in business all through the strategies laid down by a social media agency. Here are some tips you might want to use to help increase the success of your social ...

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