Movavi HD video recorder software is a boon for the bloggers

Movavi HD video recorder

 Hello dear friends. I am back with a new article. This time I have bought something for my own fraternity. Yes you guessed it right. Today’s post is dedicated to the bloggers. Blogging as a hobby and lately as a profession is being done by a huge number of people. Bloggers write in different genres like travel, hospitality, health, technology ...

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5 Tips for Getting the Best Local SEO Results for Your Local Biz

local seo

  Managing a humongous global business seems to be a more daunting responsibility for most people compared to owning a local one. However local businesses demand the same amount of energy, effort and street smarts, thereby making them just as daunting as the former. Despite being an unnerving venture, there are always ways to make one’s local business succeed. One ...

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How to Get Your Small Business Noticed Against the Big Names Using SEO

seo local

 Online searches have become part of consumer’s daily lives, which has led businesses to focus on various search marketing techniques to capture audience attention. Virtually all businesses regardless of industry and size have an online presence of some kind, all competing for the same few slots on SERPs. Larger companies already start at a position of advantage owing to the ...

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Findxa: The Only One-Stop Solution For Content Management

findxa tool

 A few month ago, my garments business was facing a slow down which was making me utterly frustrated. Then, one of my friends checked my website and suggested me to adopt a content sorting tool. He recommended me to use Findxa. According to him, ‘This free search engine tool will provide you with world-class unique contents.’ So, I opted for ...

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A short review about SEO Rank Monitor tool

SEO Rank-Monitor

  If you want to increase your hold on your website ranking, it is always important for you to place emphasis on monitoring the results. You may take the help of a variety of search engine optimization services, but you need to know whether there is any ranking increase. There are a variety of software and tools that will be ...

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Who Is Better SEO Companies or SEO CONSULTANT?


  This article is written from the point of view of myself who’s an SEO consultant so my opinion is probably skewed but these are the 5 reasons why I think consultants are better than companies. 1. They are personal – Dealing with an individual is better than trying to get through the corporate levels of an SEO company. They ...

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5 Link Building Strategies to help you Improve Your SEO in 2015

seo 2015 link building

  Search engines are continuously evolving, which means that marketers must be on toes to keep up. SEO has proven to have a better ROI than outbound lead-generation techniques like cold calling. Below, we offer a list of SEO techniques that you should employ in 2015 for better marketing success: Build awesome content Even though you shouldn’t create content to ...

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Customizing a WordPress Theme – The Why and How Of It?

WordPress theme customization

 Website creation is not a one-time deal where you just create a design layout and wait for people to see it. You need to put some efforts to actually make people come to your site and, more importantly, need to turn them into returning visitors (i.e. the visitors who keep on coming back to your site time and again). One ...

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