A short review about SEO Rank Monitor tool

SEO Rank-Monitor

If you want to increase your hold on your website ranking, it is always important for you to place emphasis on monitoring the results. You may take the help of a variety of search engine optimization services, but you need to know whether there is any ranking increase. There are a variety of software and ...

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Who Is Better SEO Companies or SEO CONSULTANT?


This article is written from the point of view of myself who’s an SEO consultant so my opinion is probably skewed but these are the 5 reasons why I think consultants are better than companies. 1. They are personal – Dealing with an individual is better than trying to get through the corporate levels of an SEO company. They will ...

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5 Link Building Strategies to help you Improve Your SEO in 2015

seo 2015 link building

Search engines are continuously evolving, which means that marketers must be on toes to keep up. SEO has proven to have a better ROI than outbound lead-generation techniques like cold calling. Below, we offer a list of SEO techniques that you should employ in 2015 for better marketing success: Build awesome content Even though you shouldn’t create content to earn ...

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Customizing a WordPress Theme – The Why and How Of It?

WordPress theme customization

Website creation is not a one-time deal where you just create a design layout and wait for people to see it. You need to put some efforts to actually make people come to your site and, more importantly, need to turn them into returning visitors (i.e. the visitors who keep on coming back to your site time and again). One ...

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Useful Online Marketing Terms and Definitions

online marketing terms

Start learning the new language: World Wide Web marketing and advertising. After you start off with any new factor, it truly is vital for you to understand the language of that specific factor. For example in the event you start out playing a game and you do not know concerning the terms applied in that game you are not in ...

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How to Create A Micro Niche Site Paid by the Affiliate?

micro niche site

Have you ever heard of the MFA (Made For AdSense)? Pre-designed sites or blogs, optimized to receive advertisements from Google AdSense. These advertisements have much more trouble to thrive today because for a site to be profitable with advertising, it should not hurt its traffic. And if you are in a niche market (or you’re interested to be in one), ...

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How to Make the Most of Your Small Business Website

make most of small business

Many small business owners hear, feel and know that they need a website for their business in this internet age. Quite a few don’t know where to start and many others get a website built for the sake of having one. If you are going to have a web presence you should make sure that you are present when it ...

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SEO Certification: Can Training Boost Your SEO Career?

seo certifications

A Career In SEO! As the internet continues to evolve and become more diverse and mobile, one significant factor in successful Internet marketing stays constant: search engine optimization, in short SEO. At least 95% of all clicks, both from conventional desktops and from mobile devices, come through queries generated through a search engine. Search clearly outshines paid advertising and social ...

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Best Christmas and New Year Deals 2014


It is that time of the year again. I would like to wish you happy Christmas and New year. You have been an integral part of my BLOG and I owe my success to you. 2014 has been a great year and I want to celebrate the holiday season by giving you an insane discount on some of best blogging ...

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