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Make Money with Host1Plus Affiliate Program

Web hosting affiliate program is a good way to earn money online. All you need to do is refer customers to a web hosting company, and everything else is taken care of by the hosting company. You don’t have to worry about landing pages, making sales pitches, processing payment, maintaining servers, providing customer support, etc.
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Tips for Branding Your YouTube Channel

youtube channel branding
YouTube is the largest search engine for videos. So, creating a video and not uploading it on YouTube is a huge opportunity lost. But then merely uploading and sharing it on YouTube doesn’t guarantee you any result; you need to work hard to build a solid viewership and branding your YouTube channel goes a long way to help you in this direction.
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4 Online Marketing Tips for Your Business

online marketing tips
The internet is one of the best marketing tools that you can get your hands on today. It has so much potential to turn your little known business into a widely recognized brand. It is essential for your business to create an online presence because so many people rely on the internet as a reliable source of information for almost everything.
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Importance of Web Hosting for SEO and Web Design

web hosting and seo
Making the right choice regarding your web host can determine whether or not your site will be successful. Among the essential factors that need to be taken into account are reliability and uptime. The speed of your site plays an important role in SEO and more attention is being paid to how web hosting and design affects SEO.
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SEO 2015 – Top 10 Strategies You Should Follow

SEO 2015
Search Engine Optimization (S.E.O.) is an activity that is conducted so as to make a website rank high in the results of search engine queries. It is widely known that most people surfing the internet only look at the first page of results. As such, it is very important to get one’s website on this first page if you want many people visiting your site. SEO will help you to do that. There are various techniques that are conducted in...
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Google Panda 4.2 – What all is new in this Google algorithm update?

new panda 4.2 update
When it comes to getting your website or blog ranked in the search engine results pages, Google has always been quite hard-to-impress. This search engine giant continuously comes up with innovative updates for its algorithm, making it tedious for the marketers to get their website/blog noticed instantly. The latest to join the group of Google updates is Google Panda 4.2. Continue to stay on this post to find a lot more about this brand new Google algorithm update that a...
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How to Keep your SEO Strategy Future-Proof

It has been estimated that the recent Google algorithm Panda update affected 40% of the global internet, and much of that meant a drastic drop in traffic.   Some say that the last update to Google’s algorithm destroyed some businesses and made way for others. One day the world may decide that allowing a shadowy company like Google to commercially control the open web might be a bad thing but today, there’s little other choice. Google seems to be running...
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