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WordPress Security: 5 Tips for Making Your Site Hack Proof

wordpress security
Security of a website is one of the major aspects that need to be concerned by every website owner. Nobody in this web world wants to see their site being hacked by someone. In order to avoid this, you need to follow some measures to keep your site safe and secure from hackers and similar vulnerabilities. In this article, I will share some handy safety tips that will help you in protecting and securing your WordPress site from hackers and...
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8 Quick Tips to Become a Pro WordPress Developer

Are you among those people who think becoming a WordPress Developer is as easy as a piece of cake? Unfortunately, you are wrong. Like everything you want to achieve in your life, becoming a skilled WordPress Developer requires you to invest some efforts and time. In addition to this, there are some qualities that you need to develop to become a good developer like hard work, determination and a lot of sacrifices. There is no shortcut to becoming a good...
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Why WordPress is the Ideal Choice for Blogging?

why wordpress blogging
WordPress was indeed launched as a blogging platform to help bloggers establish a strong online presence. However, the time has changed. What once was a blogging platform is now considered as a leading content management system. The current status and development of WordPress indicates that it is much more than just a blogging platform. There is no denying that the popularity of WP is growing at a rapid pace. According to various studies, it has been cleared that WordPress is...
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Understanding The Right Manner To Customize a WordPress Theme

Customize a WordPress Theme
Why you need to customize a WordPress theme? Choosing a pixel-perfect theme for your WordPress website is arguably the most important factor, since it serves as an entry point to your website. You can find plenty of free and premium themes for creating a solid foundation for your site. But, no matter how great your theme may look, perhaps you may feel the urge to make changes to its appearance. But, before customizing a WordPress theme, there are things you...
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Google Analytics for WordPress – Things you should know

In today’s competitive world, staying abreast with the overall performance of your website is the right approach for gaining an edge over your competitors. Irrespective of whether you’re running a WordPress powered blog or a website, merely knowing the count of visitors won’t help you in ensuring the site/blog’s growth. You need to operate a well-defined stats programs that would aid in tracking and analyzing the traffic received for your WordPress site/blog. Google Analytics is one such free stats programs...
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10 Exquisite WordPress Themes That Every Site Owner Must Consider

Oshine wordpress theme
In order to lure potential visitors, your website needs to embrace an aesthetic look and feel without compromising on the quality. Over 23% of the web is WordPress powered. No wonder, why WordPress is also named as the mother tongue of the Internet. WordPress site owners are blessed with an overwhelming array of prolific themes that is well-updated by developers across the globe; WP designers are consistently designing themes embracing the latest web trends. Here is a list of noteworthy...
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Customizing a WordPress Theme – The Why and How Of It?

WordPress theme customization
Website creation is not a one-time deal where you just create a design layout and wait for people to see it. You need to put some efforts to actually make people come to your site and, more importantly, need to turn them into returning visitors (i.e. the visitors who keep on coming back to your site time and again). One best way to do so requires you to create a unique and good-looking website design. If you already have a...
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Making your WordPress Blog More Secure

WordPress has become one of the most popular platforms for people to self-host their blogs and websites. Even though WordPress is pretty secure right out of the box, there are always going to be people who want to make trouble with things by finding a way to crack into accounts or sites so they can cause damage or even inject hidden their own links to spam or something else just as sinister. That’s why it’s important that you make sure...
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SEO Images – Essential for Achieving a Laudable WordPress Website

If you’re actually serious about making the most out of your WordPress website then it’s vital that you do everything that’ll ascertain your site’s visibility over the World Wide Web. One such crucial factor that needs to be looked after is the optimization of your WordPress website for all the major search engines. Setting up your site to communicate to Google is considered a revolutionary step towards enhancing the site’s reputation among potential customers. Although each website element plays its...
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Boost Your SEO with Top 10 WordPress SEO plugins

WordPress is very popular and commonly used publishing platform that is flexible and powerful too. In order to help bloggers and SEO experts to raise the web traffic, the platform also offers a number of WordPress SEO plugins. There are some SEO plugins that fail to deliver what they promise. On this page we will have a look at the best WordPress SEO plugins that really work and are highly recommended by the SEO experts. 1) WordPress SEO by Yoast...
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