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5 Lead Generation Secrets of Social Media You Never Knew

Secrets of Social Media
Social media marketing is a platform to generate and nurture leads. Social media like facebook, twitter, Linkedin and others can generate almost 80% more leads/ conversion than any other channels like direct mail, trade shows and telemarketing. Lead conversion which is what business owners should aim for occurs 13% more with social media marketing than with the average digital marketing. So without further adieu let us look into the 5 lead generation secrets. Facebook Lead Generation Secrets With 1.55 billion...
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5 Ways To Boost Your Search Engine Rankings Using Social Media

I’ve talked about how people can use social media to improve their search engine rankings, because it makes a change from people talking about why one is better than the other. Don’t listen to anyone who tells you SEO or social media is better than the other. Why not use both to your advantage? If you need a little push in the right direction we can look at a few ways social media success can help boost your search engine...
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5 Social media mistakes: Prevention is always better than cure!

Every invention is brilliant. How useful or harmful it is a factor of how we put it to use. When used positively embodied in sheer human sense and instinct, any technology can work wonders. When the same technology is used casually without the sufficient outlook into its future effects, it can prove to be useless, avoiding the bitter part that it can be rather disastrous. Let us take the example of the social media. The social platform is being increasingly...
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What a Digital Marketing Agency Does?

Businesses are beginning to rely more and more on digital marketing agencies these days. But what exactly is a digital marketing agency? And what can it do for your company that you can’t? A digital marketing agency can have many functions. Simply put, it enhances your presence on the web and assists in building your reputation. In other words, it promotes your business through various tactics whether it’s through social media, blogging or search engine optimization. In today’s day and...
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Google’s Panda Update 3.3 – How Does It Effect SEO?

Google strikes again with another major update. Nicknamed Google panda 3.3 update it is an extension of the original. However, this one has come with some significant changes for website owners. Those who survived the first couple of updates were hit with the new one. So, what does this mean for a website owner? Let’s take a short break down of what exactly is included in Google’s latest update. The largest change that has affected website owners with the new...
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10 Interesting Facebook Keyboard Shortcuts for Facebook Fans

Many of us are using internet as a purpose of doing Social Networking. Facebook is the most popular and highly used social networking site in present web world. Initially, it was started as a network only for Harvard students but later on expanded to accept everyone from the whole world. As a result, it comes out to be the most popular social networking site among all the generations. These days, it is hard to find anyone not present on facebook....
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How Google+ Is Necessary to Promote Your Business?

In the world of social media, Google + is the most recent tool for social visibility and is to be favored by millions of people for its simplicity and effectiveness. In comparison to other social media tools, Google+ offers a very compelling and easy for communication and information sharing platform. In addition, the security options page on Google + are also very simple and easy to use. However, at present, only a beta version of this application is available for...
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Update Your Facebook Status Even After You Die With “If I Die”

Yes Facebook is not only for live people, but also for ones who have passed away. It’s obvious that Facebook addiction will not leave you even after you die.An App called “If I Die” has made this possible. It allows you to let your Facebook friends know that you are dead and going to heaven. If I Die is an app developed by Willook, an Israel-based company that allows Facebook users to post message, videos from their account even after...
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Building Reputation in Social Media Space

People Finder If you are a good user of the social media platforms like Orkut, Facebook, Yuwie or Hi5 then you sure must know how to search for people in these social media networks, one of the best ways is to try people finder which is a great source to start your lookout. Kgbpeople is a combined search source, this in a way avoids the cumbersome individual social network platform searching, saving you lots of time, what more it covers...
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