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The Google+ Factor

Google Plus is critical to your online Success Like it or Not! By Charles Bosse – Internet Millionaire What is Google Plus? Google+ is basically Google’s version of Facebook and is important for any business to have to increase their online presence. In February 2014, Google+ was reported to have over 540 million viewers. Think of Google+ as the social media that attaches other Google products together like; Google Docs and YouTube, it is socialising the whole Google experience. The...
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Google’s Panda Update 3.3 – How Does It Effect SEO?

Google strikes again with another major update. Nicknamed Google panda 3.3 update it is an extension of the original. However, this one has come with some significant changes for website owners. Those who survived the first couple of updates were hit with the new one. So, what does this mean for a website owner? Let’s take a short break down of what exactly is included in Google’s latest update. The largest change that has affected website owners with the new...
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