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5 Lead Generation Secrets of Social Media You Never Knew

Secrets of Social Media
Social media marketing is a platform to generate and nurture leads. Social media like facebook, twitter, Linkedin and others can generate almost 80% more leads/ conversion than any other channels like direct mail, trade shows and telemarketing. Lead conversion which is what business owners should aim for occurs 13% more with social media marketing than with the average digital marketing. So without further adieu let us look into the 5 lead generation secrets. Facebook Lead Generation Secrets With 1.55 billion...
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LinkedIn: Best Social Network Website for Professionals

linkedin logo
There are so many mediums to connect to people through internet and out of those social networking methods; Linkedin is considered to be the best social networking website. It may sound very easy to create your profile on a social networking website and advertising in an easy to thousands of people. This is actually neither easy not difficult task but it requires smart work which connects to number of people. The way you connect generates revenue from social accounts. Out...
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