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How The Human Element Enhances SEO

We all know that SEO is a powerful and essential marketing tool for improving the visibility of your website and product. And yes, much of the process is reliant on the technological knowhow and savoir faire of your SEO company, be they in house or outsourced. But the fact that remains that you are marketing something man made, and the element of human creativity cannot be removed from the process as a whole. There is the mathematical, technical, computer-based element...
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SEO – The Global Link

In the past, trade and commerce between countries on the opposite ends of the world involved massive treks across continents in hostile conditions, and success was never guaranteed. Things have changed a lot since then, no doubt, but have we realized the full potential for SEO in terms of extending business globally? I think not. Let’s take a second to think about ways in which SEO can help you and your business to delve into foreign markets, and the possible...
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How SEO can improve your LCV

If you have had a chat to your marketing team recently, and they’re on the ball, you would probably have heard about the terms ‘target marketing’ and ‘LCV’. These are the new buzzwords in marketing circles, particularly for web-based services, and you need to know what they are in order to stay ahead of the game. And the great thing is that both are heavily reliant on SEO, so if your SEO team is doing their job properly, you already...
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